SUPER HEARER Top musicians become the 'hearers' to put their listening skills to the test. They have to pick the correct singer only using their singing voices as a clue.
HOTEL DEL LUNA An world-renowned elite hotelier and a beautiful, yet eccentric and mysterious owner, manage a rustic Hotel Del Luna, which reveals its true glamorous and elegant im
300: WAR OF UNITED VOICES Sing and dance along with 300 others, to create the perfect stage with your favorite musician! Top artists and 300 fans become one in a performance of electrifying s
WATCHER An outsider inspector, a vicious lawyer, and a young police become 'watchers', the police of the police, to find out the corruption of power.
HIGH SCHOOL LUNCH COOK-OFF If you can't change the menu, create it yourself. A battle of high school students challenging the lame lunch menus with master Baek.

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